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Which country has the cheapest Big Mac?

Burgers aren't just for eating. They can also tell you a lot about the economy.

Uganda teen starts business with $14, creates empire

Award-winning entrepreneur Andrew Mupuya was just 16 years old when he decided to take on the world.

Used Jeep sells for $90K in Cuba

For more than half a century, Cubans have kept old American-made cars in running condition. Now Havana has relaxed restrictions on the import of autos from the u-s and elsewhere.

World's toughest bike race: 12,000 km across Africa

 A group of international cyclists gathered around in the restaurant of Khartoum's old Accropole Hotel and listened attentively to an orientation by the tour's chief coordinator.

Congressional leaders back $1 trillion spending bill

Shaking off three years of partisan freeze, Republicans and Democrats unveiled a $1.012 trillion spending deal Monday night that would roll back some spending cuts, raise federal worker pay and have a surprisingly broad effect on Americans'

11 extreme weather records

An escaped jail inmate turned himself in just so that he could warm up -- that's how cold the U.S. has been this week.

Sochi 2014: Winter Olympics by the numbers

The 22nd Winter Olympic Games open in Sochi, Russia, in less than a month. Here's a look at some key facts and figures related to what appears will be among the most expensive Olympics ever.

One month before Olympics, Russia puts Sochi under high security

One month before the Winter Olympics begin in the Russian resort town of Sochi -- and in the shadow of last month's deadly bombings in Volgograd -- a huge security operation has swung into gear.

Cocaine found in shipment of Bananas

Supermarket staff in Berlin, Germany, got a surprise earlier this week when they went to unpack a new shipment of bananas. Instead, they found 140 kilograms of cocaine.

BR native earns promotion to Staff Sergeant U.S. Marine Corps

Andrew Nackley is now a staff sergeant in the United States Marine Corps.