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Swiss are developing robot furniture that can build itself

Imagine that the chair you're sitting on became a sofa on demand as the day moved from light to dark. Or if all your furnishings could move out of your way as you walk through a room.

Air Algerie plane with 116 on board falls off radar in West Africa

An Air Algerie flight with 116 people on board has dropped off radar, prompting a search for the missing plane, the airline's operator said Thursday.

What's it like to motorcycle solo through Iran as a woman?

"You! You have moto, yes?" An elderly woman, her craggy face peering out from the folds of her voluminous black chador, demands my attention.

8 greatest city mascots around the world

They have tours designed around them, statues erected in their honor and fans so rabid many a sports team would envy them.

TripAdvisor names World's best amusement parks

In the hunt for the world's best amusement park, the people have spoken -- and it seems the people like mixing with creatures who eat a lot of fish.

U.S. official says Malaysia Airlines plane was shot down in Ukraine

A Malaysia Airlines passenger jet crashed in a rebel-controlled area of eastern Ukraine on Thursday, prompting swift accusations from Ukrainian officials that "terrorists" shot down the aircraft.

Elephants play their own world cup in Thailand

A penalty shootout between a pair young elephants at a Thai zoo shows that Germany will win the FIFA World Cup 2014 title. The two female jumbos named Ae and Linda of Chiang Mai night safari attempted to be animal oracles

Is it possible to enjoy fine dining while flying?

More and more airlines are teaming up with world-class chefs, hoping to solve that ultimate #firstworldproblem: how to serve a top-rate meal in the air.

9 of the world's greatest tunnels

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the opening of the Channel Tunnel linking France with the United Kingdom, and the 50th anniversary of the deal which led to its creation.

Most of the world's best secret beaches are in the U.S.

To all the locals who have been hoarding the following beaches, please forgive us.