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How drug cartels are ruining Cinco de Mayo

Don't blame your bartender this Cinco de Mayo for tossing a lemon in your Corona. Blame shadowy groups like the Knights Templar Cartel.

1,500 teens trash Canadian mansion with massive party

More than 1,000 teens crowded into mansion under construction in Ontario, Canada Saturday night.

7 fascinating cities of destruction

The world tends to celebrate the ingenuity and strength of great civilizations that have flourished by successfully subduing nature.

8 tourist traps that are still worth visiting

  Tourist traps -- overcrowded, over-hyped and, of course, overpriced. Yet we keep going. By the millions. Why?

Vertical trains could be way of travel in the future

Catch a train from the sky! How vertical travel could transform your commute

Australian company claims it found Flight 370

A private Australian company says it has found what it believes is wreckage of a plane in the ocean. But leaders of the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 are dismissing the claim.

VIDEO: Kangaroo rescue down under

A 'Roo rescue near Melbourne, Australia. A male, Eastern Gray Kangaroo jumped a fence and landed in the deep end of a pool.

British airline host Shakespeare performance during flight

Add this to our list of fun ways to celebrate Shakespeare's 450th birthday this week.

French researchers link Marijuana use to heart problems

Young people who use marijuana may be at risk for heart attacks and other serious cardiovascular problems, a new study suggests.

Water becoming more valuable than gold

Something that many might take for granted is becoming highly coveted: water. In fact, water has become more precious than gold.