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Woman places deceased mom in rocking chair during wake in Puerto Rico

Mourners at a wake in Puerto Rico got to say goodbye to a woman in a unique way. Before Georgina Lloren died, she told her daughter she wanted to take part in her own wake.

2 EU countries include drug, sex profits in GDP calculations

Plenty of money is spent on illegal drugs and prostitution. The United Kingdom and Italy are now calculating how much.

Obama: plans 9,800 troops to stay in Afghanistan next year

With combat operations in Afghanistan ending this year, President Barack Obama announced he plans for almost 10,000 American troops to remain in the country in 2015 if the Afghan government signs a security agreement.

10 things Mexico does better than anywhere else

  Icy beers, empty beaches. It's a compelling image, but it captures only a feeble percentage of the diversity and excellence that imbues one of the most incredible countries in the world.

Egypt's new tourism campaign promotes shopping, not sphinxes

To say that Elhamy Elzayat misses the glory days when huge numbers of visitors flocked to Egypt's ancient sites is probably an understatement.

Divers find 12,000-year-old skeleton in Mexico's underwater caves

A teenage girl may have gotten lost in a cave looking for water, nearly 13,000 years ago. Naia, as she's known today, likely fell to her death in a deep, dark pit.

Meteor shower comes just in time for Memorial Day weekend

The cosmos has aligned, quite literally, for families, space geeks and insomniacs alike, as the Earth is set to intercept a new meteor shower late Friday into Saturday.

Robots will replace fast-food workers

As protesters across the country call for the fast-food chains to raise their wages, a number of companies have begun experimenting with new technology that could significantly reduce the number of restaurant workers in the years to come.

Guide to the world's best water slides

Verrückt will become the world's tallest water slide -- it's taller than both the Statue of Liberty and Niagara Falls -- when it opens in May in Kansas.

Swiss may soon have world's highest minimum wage: $25/hour

$25 minimum wage? Swiss workers could soon be making the highest minimum wage in the world if a national vote Sunday goes their way.