Hollywood Hookup

Kacey Jordan on Sheen's partying

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) – Porn star Kacey Jordan spilled the beans on how Charlie Sheen's 36-hour binge ended at the hospital.

Jimmy Buffet, Javier Bardem, Mike Tyson, Jon Bon Jovi, John Travolta, James Franco

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) -- Jimmy Buffet taking a dive off the stage at a sold-out show in Sydney. It appears he misjudged the length of the stage.

Dr. Conrad Murray, Jersey Shore, Robert Pattinson

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) – Dr. Conrad Murray entered the plea of Not Guilty at his arraignment today in Los Angeles. Murray was with Michael Jackson when he died in his Los Angeles home in 2009.

Jesse James back in the saddle; Perry back on tour

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) – Sandra Bullock’s ex Jesse James is ready to walk down the aisle again less than a year after their divorce. James tells People Magazine he’s now engaged to tattoo artist Kat Von D.

Regis tells Kelly a shocker

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) – Regis Philbin broke some disappointing news today. “I have to tell you because we all have to know, but this will be my last year on this show,” Philban announced on his show today.

OMG! Fonda finds a body!

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) – A celebrity calls the cops after finding something scary – a dead person! Peter Fonda dials 911 after he saw a body slumped over in a car on Sunset Boulevard.

Bring on the new babies, burn off the old blubber

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) – Add another star to your showbiz baby bump watch. Kate Hudson is pregnant. US Magazine is reporting that the 31-year old is fourteen weeks along now. The dad is her boyfriend, MUSE frontman Matthew Bellamy.

Tweetin' to millions and baby mama announcements

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) -- Miley Cyrus' appearance in a "music video" was apparently so awesome that it's being turned into a movie.

Those related to tragedy

HOLLYWOOD HOOKUP (FOX44) – The Arizona shooting spree hit close to home for two big time celebs.

From the walk of fame to the walk of shame

HOLLYWOOD, La (FOX44) – Dine and Dash! Gary Collins is arrested for doing just that. Mississippi police say Collins racked up a $59 tab at a restaurant, and just left. This isn’t his first run-in with the law.