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Thursday, October 13, 2011 - 5:33pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – China, it's a race against the clock to reach 13-miners stuck in a flooded mine shaft. They've been there since Tuesday. At first the owner of the mine lied saying no one was down there. Rescue teams are pumping water out of the mine now and hoping they can find the men alive.

Brazil – An explosion ripped through a restaurant in Rio de Janeiro today killing at least 3-people. Authorities believe it was caused by a natural gas leak in the kitchen.

New Zealand – A cargo ship that's been stuck on a reef spilling out hundreds of tons of fuel is about to snap in half. That would mean even more toxic oil would spill into the sea.

Canada – Trains will not be able to cross this bridge for a while.

It’s because a truck carrying a backhoe obviously misjudged how high the overpass was. The bridge collapsed and that wedged the backhoe between the highway and the bridge. It’ll take a few days to clean up this mess.

United Kingdom – Feast your eyes on the world’s most expensive dessert.

It comes with an eye watering price of 35-thousand dollars. It’s made out of high-quality chocolate, gold, champagne-caviar, and a two-carat diamond. "We are very proud of it and if we can sell it to somebody it would be a bonus." A customer has to pay for it before this dessert can be declared a world record.

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