England, Israel, Serbia, Canada

Monday, October 17, 2011 - 7:07pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – England, demonstrators are filling the streets of London calling on more people to fight against corporate greed. The Occupy Wall Street Movement has sparked protests over the weekend and not just in London but all across Europe in places like Italy and Greece.

Israel – The first step in a controversial prisoner swap deal is now underway. Hamas and Israel have agreed that one imprisoned Israeli soldier will be freed in exchange for more than a thousand Palestinian prisoners.

Serbia – A security demo went terribly wrong. A chopper landed on a field for third graders but its propellers proved too strong for the billboards attached to the bleachers. Twenty people, mostly kids, were sent to the hospital. Luckily none of them had life threatening injuries.

Canada – A 100-year-old man proves his age has not run its course after completing a full marathon. He'll go down in the world record books as the oldest person to do so. It took him 8-hours and he was the last one to cross the finish line. He's ecstatic; his goal was to do it in 9-hours.

And another Canadian man that has spent the last 11-years walking around the world is finally back at home. It was a 46-thousand mile journey that took the former neon sign sales man through 64-countries. He's happy to see his family again.

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