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South Africa, France, China, Slovenia, Latvia

Friday, October 7, 2011 - 6:21pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – South Africa, the celebrations continue for leader Desmond Tutu who's now 80-years-old. The 1984 recipient of the Noble Peace Prize and he’s also used his stature to campaign for human rights. Still this celebration is controversial. Bono from the band U2 said; "I am here, ladies and gentlemen, because I am obviously not radical enough to be denied a visa." He took a jab at the South African government for not allowing the Dalai Lama to come.

France – Thousands of commuters and tourists were left stranded today. That's because train ticket inspectors went on strike. They are upset after one of their own was attacked by a passenger with a knife. They want train stations to have more security checkpoints.

China – A billionaire wants to buy point three percent of Iceland to develop a luxury resort. That’s about 115-square miles. He denies there are any political motives for the deal but many experts think otherwise.

Slovenia – An electric plane has won NASA's green flight challenge.

It’s capable of flying 200-miles using just a gallon of gas for each passenger. The more ecofriendly plane won its developers a 1.35-million dollar prize.

Latvia – A pumpkin contest at the Latvian zoo and it was a contest that the animals were able to enjoy too. First, the gigantic gourds were weighed to see which one was the biggest. One tipped the scales at 350-pounds. Then, the pumpkins were made into one massive fall feast.

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