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Friday, October 14, 2011 - 5:02pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Turkey, a rep for the International Monetary Fund proved quick on his feet today in a subject other than economics. University students threw eggs and caused a big scene. The IMF bailed Turkey out of a money crisis in 2001 and the country's been trying break the shackles ever since.

New Zealand – More oil is leaking from a cargo ship that's been stuck on a reef since last week. Crews are working to pump oil out of the vessel. It’s slowly sinking and containers filled with other toxic chemicals have already gone overboard.

Colombia – In the jungles authorities have busted a massive cocaine lab. Six tons of the stuff was found there, along with enough beds to house about forty workers. No arrests have been made yet.

Nigeria – A 90-year-old farmer is possibly the world's oldest first grader. He said he's tired of signing documents with his thumb print. Officials are supporting him, giving him a scholarship to attend class.

Canada – This 100-year-young guy is planning to run the Toronto marathon this Sunday. He's the fastest sprinter in his age group. But says he just loves to move and that the record is just bonus.

Romania – The French climber known as "spiderman" was at it again today scaling the Intercontinental hotel. The guy has climbed more than 80-skyscrapers without safety nets or equipment. He hardly ever gets a permit so he's spent a few nights in jail.

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