Daredevils talk about why they parachuted off NY's WTC

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 - 4:55pm

Daredevils accused of parachuting off One World Trade Center in New York are talking about why they did it.

Three base jumpers and an alleged accomplice were arrested Monday after performing the stunt last fall.

It is a jaw-dropping view from the top of the World Trade Center site, and then they plummet to the street below...their dark parachutes unfurling behind them.

"Everybody has their thing. This is our thing," explained jumper James Brady.

After the short prayer and the jump they glide through lower Manhattan, reaching a deserted street.

They quickly hide the parachute.

So, how did they get in?

Well, Brady used to work construction at the site.

"We found a spot where the cameras were not picking up and there happened to be a hole in the fence there as well," another jumper, Andrew Rossig told WABC-TV.

The men were charged last night with a variety of felony crimes, including burglary and trespassing.

The jump happened in the early morning hours of September 30, 2013, when the three men got to the top of the World Trade Center Tower: the tallest building in the nation (1776 ft.).
A fourth man remained on the ground acting as a lookout.

But now, security is a big worry at the site.

Just last week a 16-year-old got through a hole in a fence at the site and also got to the top of the tower, snapping photos.

"In no way did we intend to disrespect the police, the city, the victims of 9/11," Rossig explained.

The jumpers say they never meant to go public with their stunt.

It was supposed to be just for them.

Police though used a snippet from a nearby security camera to help break the case.

"It's six months after the fact. And we were a little big shocked that they spent that much time and energy continuing to pursue something that they knew was not a terroristic act," Rossig said.

But the police are being serious about this. After all, the nearby museum commemorating 9/11 opens in just a few weeks.


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