Glen Oaks homeowners want to take ownership of their neighborhood

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Thursday, November 7, 2013 - 6:24pm

A Glen Oaks pastor wants to make a change in his community. so -- he decided to start a homeowners association. Thursday, he found out if local homeowners want to be a part of his plan.

After more than a year of planning and hundreds of letters to homeowners, the verdict is yes.

Donald Hunter's lived in the Glen Oaks area for more than 30 years, and he wants to preserve his neighborhood. That's why Hunter and his fellow church members came together to start a movement.

"We saw a change taking place within our community. So we felt that we needed to organize and to form a homeowners association," Hunter said. "But first we wanted to go out and talk to the people who own property in our community, and we identified what we considered to be our boundaries. We talked to them about these issues, and we found a great concern and commitment about the community."

So, the pastor sent out letters to the homeowners to find out if they were on board with the idea of a homeowners association. He sent out hundreds of letters, and the support was overwhelming. Homeowners in the Glen Oaks community want to address issues like crime and blighted property. It's all part of pastor Hunter's vision, and something supported by local politicians including Senator Sharon Weston Broome. .

"The results were positive. We now have the Glen Oaks West Homeowners Association," Broome said. "This homeowners association will take the lead and be a beacon of light and make a difference in their neighborhood and in their community."

"Education is the key that we can change the culture, ultimately, of all our communities north of Florida Blvd," Hunter said.

Mary Moss is combating the same issues as hunter in her neighborhood.

"I think he is absolutely correct. Education is pivotal to change," Moss said. "Dr. Hunter has something here that's worth the attention of the people of Baton Rouge and certainly the people of this community to embrace."

Approval is just the beginning. The next step is putting the plan into action.

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