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One year anniversary of Hurricane Gustav

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of Hurricane Gustav. A storm that was declared the second most destructive hurricane of the 2008 season. For some, however, a year hasn't been long enough to recover from all of its damages.

State Troopers hit the highways on 2 wheels

About 1200 State Troopers hit the highways every day, but only a couple dozen get to do it on 2 wheels. Our Emily Turner takes a closer look at the unique unit that has been patrolling Louisiana for nearly a century.

BREAKING NEWS-Loaded Semi-Automatic Gun Found

A fourteen year old boy is locked up, after EBR Sheriff's Deputies say he showed up at Mayfair Middle School with a loaded weapon. Deputies say they were notified at 8:00 Monday morning that a 7th grad student brought a loaded .380 semi-automatic

Denham Springs backdrop for Hollywood movie

Hollywood has started filming a movie in Denham Springs. The downtown area will be blocked off through Saturday for filming for the movie "Mothman." There are roles for extras for local folks. The movie is based on the mothman urban legend, ab

Atchafalaya Basin Bridge study underway

LSU engineers are surveying truckers about the driving conditions on the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge. They are assessing the effectiveness of a decreased speed limit and right-lane-only restriction for trucks on the bridge. Seven years ago, the DO

WBR Sheriff speaks out about Addis Police dispute

The West Baton Rouge Sheriff spoke out about an ongoing dispute with Addis Police. Police Chief Ricky Anderson said two police officers were held against their will while booking a prisoner.

Vacationers prepare to travel for Labor Day

Millions of Americans are planning a final summer vacation over the Labor Day weekend. Officals estimate almost 40 million people will travel.

Baton Rouge residents react to death of Sen. Ted Kennedy

The youngest and last surviving Kennedy brother, Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy has lost his battle with brain cancer. The Democratic Party elder died at his Cape Cod home with his family close by.

Car dealerships waiting on "Cash for Clunkers" money

Local car dealerships are still waiting on rebates from the "Cash for Clunkers" program. Royal Nissan had several its applications denied.