Local News

The Mississippi River Becoming A Lunch Time Attraction

The Mississippi River has been attracting a lot of attention in the capitol city these days. The higher the mighty Mississippi gets, the more people you'll find heading to the levee.

Robbers Make Off With Cartons Of Cigarettes

Police are looking for two men they believe stole 25 cartons of cigarettes. The cigarette bandits walked into the Circle K store on Groom Road in Baker on May 7th.

Road Closure In Downtown Baton Rouge

Starting today, DOTD is closing a part of River Road in downtown Baton Rouge for high-water protection and prevention.

State Education Superintendent To Announce Resignation

State Education Superintendent Paul Pastorek will announce his resignation on May 10th, according to multiple media sources. Pastorek, a New Orleans resident, was named superintendent in March 2007.

No Parking On Levees

As the Mississippi keeps rising, the Baton Rouge police are making sure no one's parking on the levee. The reason behind the ban is to make sure the levee stays as strong as possible.

The Corps Is Watching River Levels

It’s possible they'll open more spillway bays later this week. Officials say they may also need to open the Morganza floodways, to lower the river level from Baton Rogue to New Orleans.

Controlling The Mighty Mississippi River Is No Easy Task

Huge steps are being taken to lessen the pressure on our levees. The Army Corps of Engineers partially opening the Bonnet Carre spillway today for the first time since 2008.

State Police Ask Not To Stop When Spillway Opens

State police are asking that people not stop their cars to watch the Bonnet Carre spillway opened. When the state of Louisiana experienced this type of flooding in 2008, police say I-10 was backed up for miles.

Cats Looking To Become More Efficient

The capital area transit system is getting a hard look today by members of a commission set to fix the program. Several members of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Transit are spending their morning on Cats busses.

Louisiana Is Preparing Against A Wipe-out

In Tennessee the Mississippi River is cresting tonight at 48 feet. Just inches shy of the record, set in 1937. Floodwaters are inundating homes and streets in low-lying areas of the city.