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City and Parish leaders are working together to lower crime.

Parish and city leaders are teaming up to lower crime in the baton rouge area. District Attorney Hillar and Mayor Kip Holden are beginning are new program to get kids off the streets and force parents to get involved kids activities.

Shooting on Alliquippa Street leaves one dead

A 38 year old man tried to rob an 18 year old teenager early Tuesday morning. The would be robber was shot by his intended victim yet police say they are not pressing charges against because it was deemed to be self defense.

Concealed weapons applications are through the roof in Louisiana.

Concealed Weapons applications are through the roof in Louisiana. There’s been a 50% increase in the number of people applying to carry concealed weapons.

Mother files lawsuit against daycare after the death of her child

The mother of the child killed at a BR Daycare has filed suit against the daycare and the state. Child died after workers left her in the van used to transport children to the daycare center.

Baton Rouge Idol at Perkins Rowe

The 2009 Baton Rouge Idol Contest was a huge success thanks to the contestants, our sponsors, our hard working staff and the community!!!

LSU Wins its 6th College World Series Title, 11-4

OMAHA, Neb. — The Team of the 90s has returned to the top of 21st-century college baseball.

Can't Pick Up Your Local TV Stations Anymore?

If you were one of the few folks who sat down to watch TV today but couldn't get your "Rabbit Ears" to pick up anything but static...then you must have had the volume of your TV set muted for the past 3 years!

2009 Baton Rouge Idol Wrapup

06/29/09, 9PM - This page is currently being updated. Please check back through Tuesday, 06/30/09 for continuous updates.  

Baton Rouge Native Wins UFC Bout

May 23rd was a good day for 26 year old Baton Rouge native Kyle Bradley.

Would-Be Purse Snatcher Foiled at WalMart

The Denham Springs Police Department is investigating an attempted purse snatching that occurred at approximately 8:45 AM on Sunday morning, May 24th, 2009, at the Walmart on South Range in Denham Springs. The suspect in this case is a white femal