St. George efforts continue: locals want answers before it goes to a vote

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Thursday, May 15, 2014 - 6:54pm

People who are pushing to create the City of St. George in East Baton Rouge Parish say they'll continue to fight. The EBR Metro Council is moving the Mall of Louisiana, Our Lady of the Lake and Baton Rouge General into city limits over the next month. All would have been in the proposed new city.

It’s clear now that the St. George movement is powering ahead.”

"That's exactly what's happening," said St. George spokesperson, Lionel Rainey.

They’re ready for St. George to finally become a city.

"They have the mall now so hopefully we can move past that and get to a vote and let the people are heard."

After the annexation of the mall, and two of Baton Rouge’s hospitals the St. George movement says past debates, should stay in the past.

"We do believe this will put aside the argument by the city of Baton Rouge that the city of St. George will financially impact the city of Baton Rouge."

They say they only want one thing.

"From the very beginning that's all they ever asked for."

They want you to decide if St. George will be East Baton Rouge Parish's newest city. All they want is the option to vote.

"So right now I just signed the petition so I could be able to have that right to vote,” noted Baton Rouge resident, Cathy Smith. “I didn't want that right taken from me.”

So now they have until July 23rd to get at least 18 thousand signatures. That’s something they say is no problem.

But between now and then, some of you are looking for answers.

"I do live in this area,” noted Smith. “I live within a mile from the hospital so it will matter to me but I would like to know more about it."

Others seem to be set on their decisions and don't want this separation in our parish.

"I believe it’s fairer for the whole area for the whole city to have these sources of income."

Saint George organizers say they're good with whatever voters decide as long as they get the option to vote.

The proposed city has a proposed budget of 80 million dollars a year but that number will continue to change as businesses are annexed into the city of Baton Rouge.

We'll let you know about any new developments of course,

And this time next month the mall of Louisiana, Baton Rouge general and our lady of the lake will be a part of the City of Baton Rouge.


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