CATS board starts again with bid for project manager

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013 - 4:00am

Tempers flared at Tuesday night's CATS board meeting, held just hours after Mayor Kip Holden urged council members to get rid of some of the members of the board.

"The desire to remove me is not the pleasure of all of the council, it's only the desire of some of the council, and it has to be the majority of the council that makes that vote to remove me," clarified Isaiah Marshall, Chairman of the CATS Board.

The mayor's letter came after a slew of concerns over the process being used to choose a management firm for the CATS system. The firm would be in charge of helping with the newest routes and overall improvements for the system.

The firm would get paid $1.5 million to help with route changes and improvements. In an 8 to 1 vote they decided against hiring anyone at all for the job.

"By delaying the decision and making the right decision, it will only help them reach their final goal of improving this transit system more quickly than they can a bad decision," said David Agullard, with the Baton Rouge Transit Coalition. The coalition had written to the board asking them to delay a decision to choose a firm earlier in the week.

Though the board is starting the process all over again Marshall insists they'll still be right on target.

"We will still continue to move forward, like we were prior to getting to this point to get to where we need to be for 2014. So that won't delay us to getting to where we need to be," assured Marshall.

The one vote against accepting the contracts came from Dalton Honore. He told FOX44 he's worried about meeting the 2014 goals for riders and getting improvements off the ground in time.


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