Central father uses a little embarrassment to teach son a big lesson

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Monday, September 16, 2013 - 6:13pm

One Central father used a little public humiliation to teach his son an important lesson over the weekend.

Tim Bandy and his son Alliance spent an hour of their day Sunday in front of Central High School in an attempt to teach the six year-old a very important lesson.

"I drew a sign up, front and back, and stood him on the side of the road in Central where he goes to school. The sign read 'I will not bully or pick on kids with special needs.’ And he stood out there for about an hour," explained Bandy of the interesting punishment.

It was a simple message, but a lesson Tim Bandy said his son needs to learn now.

"Quit being a follower, be a leader. If it's right, it's right. If it's wrong, it's wrong. Make your own decisions, because if you follow everybody else it's going to get you nowhere. And like I told him, 'where's all your friends at that were doing the same thing? They’re at home playing, church, whatever they do on Sunday, and you're here standing on the side of the road looking like a fool,” added Bandy.

Bandy agreed that some parents may find his method a little extreme, but he cautioned them to not knock it until you try it.

“What’s more extreme? Doing that? They get in trouble, whoop him? Taking all of his stuff away? I mean, it's an hour of his time. It doesn't hurt him. It might hurt his feelings, but I am still alive, I’ve had my feelings hurt quite a bit," said Bandy.

Tim Bandy is pretty sure of one thing though, he doesn't think his son will be making fun of anyone again anytime soon.

"Oh I know he did. I guarantee you he does not want to do that again. Not at all, not at all," chuckled Bandy.

Bandy said he got the idea from other parents who had tried similar methods of punishment. He added that if his son hasn’t learned his lesson, he won’t hesitate to do the same thing again, but with a bigger sign this time.


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